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Posted by on 11. desember, 2014

Anders Aslund: A new reformist offensive in Ukraine

Anders Aslund: A new reformist offensive in Ukraine


Den anerkjente økonomen Anders Åslund kommenter statsminister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s tale til parlemnetet i Ukraine den 9. desember.


In his speech on Dec. 9, Yatsenyuk offered nearly everything a reformer could have asked for, and he backed it up with a strong narrative to appeal to Ukrainians. He presented Europe as the anchor, aim, and means of Ukraine’s reforms: “Our basic course is a European course…. Our final aim is Ukraine’s membership of the European Union. But to achieve that goal it is necessary to go through a serious test, to carry out radical changes and to make Ukraine European.”


The government took a giant step forward through Yatsenyuk’s speech. Now it needs to turn its pronouncements into actions to impress potential Western donors so that Ukraine can raise the extra $15 billion that it needs for next year.

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