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Email campaign: SVT «Dokument Utifrån»


[ Українською мовою ]

Refrain from spreading conspiracy theories and distorted facts about Ukraine on Swedish Television!

By signing the form below you approve to put your name on the list of people who address the following text to SVT «Dokument Utifrån»:

Dear producers at SVT «Dokument Utifrån»,

It has come to my attention that Swedish Television (SVT) will air the highly controversial film «Ukraine – The Masks of Revolution» by Paul Moreira on May 1st, 2016 at 10 pm.

I am an individual who finds it very regrettable that you, as a very important opinion maker in Sweden and Scandinavia, have chosen to screen a film, that to a large degree makes use of conspiracy theories and distorted facts.

The film has already been highly criticized by both French, Norwegian and Swedish journalists — as pointed out in an open letter to SVT by ten Scandinavian organisations.

On April 18, Fredrik Wadström, journalist at Swedish Radio, dismissed the film on eight points, calling it «ridiculous and incorrect» and asked how SVT could be so naive to screen this documentary.

The same day, SVTs «Dokument utifrån» publisher Axel Arnö, was interviewed about the airing of the film, but gave no indication that SVT will follow up on the film with a debate before or after the screening.

This film mediates an inaccurate and misleading view on the situation in Ukraine. That is why I ask SVT to organize a follow-up discussion in order to put the film in perspective and open up for critical voices.

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