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Over a thousand year ago, in the Viking age,
the distance between Norway and Ukraine felt short.
Four Norwegian viking kings traveled often between the two countries,
sailing across the Baltic Sea and up and down the Dnipr river.

the distance between Norway and Ukraine feels longer for many travelers.
Since the summer of 2014 there are no direct flights.
It results in long and and exhausting travels, for both families and individuals.

This project is about reconnecting the two countries with direct flights,
making it easier for everyone to travel between Norway and Ukraine.
Furthermore, we can once again tighten relations
and improve cooperation between Norway and Ukraine.

By particpating in our travel survey,
signing our petition and sharing our project to others,
you can help us gather the necessary data we need
to convince relevant airline companies to establish new,
direct flights between Norway and Ukraine.


Nicholas Roerich «Guests from Overseas».
From the series «Beginnings of Rus’. The Slavs.» 1901



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