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About Maidan Norway

Maidan Norway

Postal address:

Maidan Norway
c/o Hallvard Fagerland
Kleppemarka 23

Email to Maidan Norway:

VAT registration number.: 813 508 222
Bank account: 9615 12 84881

What is Maidan Norway?

Maidan Norway is an independent, self-governing association. Our main mission is to disseminate information about Ukraine in the Norwegian mass media and among the public in general. Furthermore we wish to promote bilateral relations between Norway and Ukraine, contributing to the ongoing democratization process in Ukraine.

We run the information portal, where we share news, analysis and other relevant information that we believe may contribute to a better understanding of politics, society and ongoing events in Ukraine.

Who is in the The Board of Maidan Norway?

The board of Maidan Norway:

Hallvard Fagerland

Board members:
Julia Bilkevych
Olena Iagych
Iurii Kozik
Olena Tkachenko

Board member information in Norwegian.

Which projects do Maidan Norway have?

Here are some projects, events and campaigns by Maidan Norway:


Direct-Flights: Norway-Ukraine. By participating in our travel survey, signing our petition, and share our project with others you may help us gather the necessary information and statistics we need to convince relevant airline companies to establish new direct flights between Norway and Ukraine.

Past projects:

USC Summer School in Chernitvtsi, Ukraine 2016. Performed by our Ukrainian partner Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center. Learn Norwegian or Ukrainian language, ukrainian culture, politics & society, expand your personal network and visit nice ukrainian cities!
A new Summer School is planned in 2017.

Zhyttia Tobi – LIFE – as I see it. En essay contest with children and young ukrainians who through texts and drawings shares how it is to be young in Ukraine after Euromaidan and in todays Ukraine. A web page with a selection of essays and drawings with Norwegian translations, and with information about the project. An interactive map with the original contributions in Ukrainian/Russian language.
Book presentation and awards, in Lviv, 23. june 2015. (Norwegian article.)
Event: «Ukraine – Children in war time» in Oslo, 19. november 2015. (Norwegian article.)

Event with Ukrainian journalists and politicians Sergii Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayyem, 10 march 2015 in Oslo. (Norwegian article.)

Petition campaigns:

SVT Dokument utifrån: «Ukraina – revolutionens mörka sida» in cooperation with 9 other Scandinavian NGOs.
Result: After pressure from NGOs the Swedish Television agreed to our demand to set up a discussion after the screening of the film. (Norwegian article.)

Løslat Nadja Savtsjenko! A petition to make the Norwegian foreign minister raise attention and protest on the unlawful imprisonment of Nadya Savchenko.
Result: After 2 days the foreign minister of Norway issued a statement protesting on the imprisonment of Nadya Savchenko. 2 months later she was also released from prison.


Who are our collaborators?

Maidan Norway is always welcoming to cooperations with others that may help us reach our goal.

Some of our collaborators:

The Ukrainian Association in Norway,
Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center
The Ukrainian School in Oslo
MIOK, Lviv Polytechnical University
Star of Hope
Amadia International
The Ukrainian Embassy in Oslo
Norges Fredsråd
Nansen Fredssenter
The Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv.

Active Ukrainians in Europe
Ukrainska institutet i Sverige
Ukrainska Kulturcentrum i Skandinavien
Ukrainska Kvinnounionen i Skandinavien
Ukrainska Sällskapet i Göteborg
Ukrainsk­Svenska Kulturföreningen i Malmö
Unga Ukrainare i Sverige
VATRA ­ Ukrainian Association in Sweden
Östgruppen för demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter




What does ||Maidan|| mean?

Maidan means: (in South-Asia) «an open space in or near a town, used as a parade ground or for events such as public meetings.»

The word originates from urdu and persian (maidān), and from arabic (maydān).

Source: Oxford Dictionaries.

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