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Posted by on 24. november, 2014

Girkin says he and his special ops team started conflict in Donbas

Igor Girkin, the one-time “defense minister” of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, has said that he and his squad of Russian special services soldiers started the war in east Ukraine.

“If our squad had not crossed the border, everything would have come to an end, like in Kharkiv, like in Odesa,” Girkin said, referring to failed attempts earlier in the year to overthrow the local authorities in these cities.

“There would have been a few dozen killed, burnt, arrested – and that would have been it. But this flywheel war, which is still going on, was started by our group,» he said.

He also said that he was not from the military, but from the «secret services,» and confirmed that Russian regular army units are involved in the war


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Posted by on 2. august, 2014

‘Ukrainian Rebels’ Aren’t Ukrainian or Rebels

Unfortunately, in the blitz of media coverage since the crash, a handful of outlets continue to label the separatists fighting in Donetsk and Luhansk as «Ukrainian rebels.»

But if the annihilation of MH17 ends in anything, it should be the realization that these men are neither «Ukrainian» nor «rebels.» Rather than Ukrainian citizens carrying a legitimate grievance against the Kiev government’s pro-EU outlook, they are outsiders and usurpers, men with either mercenary or imperial motivations.

They are pro-Russian, yes. They are separatists. But these men are invaders — and they are not Ukrainians.

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Posted by on 18. juli, 2014

The Malaysia Airlines crash is the end of Russia’s fairy tale

Before there is any further discussion of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, it’s important that one point be made absolutely clear: This plane crash is a result of the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine, an operation deliberately designed to create legal, political and military chaos. Without this chaos, a surface-to-air missile would not have been fired at a passenger plane.

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